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Private classes

Private Classes 

For any temperament or behaviour adjustment 

Private initial consultation 1.5 hours $ 75 

Every additional class 1 hour $ 50

Doggy Deluxe Bootcamp, intense training for your dog in-house, $ 700 per week, 3 weeks minimum



6 commands reliable $ 140 per team, "come", "sit", "stay", "down", "watch me","leave it", "Lets go",   

Loose lead walking course, learn 4 different technics and a lot of tips and tricks on the way, Sundays 9am around 2 to 3 hours, max 6 teams, $ 45  

"heel", only for dogs who can loose lead walk, Sundays 12:30pm, 2 to 3 hours, max 6 teams $ 35

Temperament & Behaviour Adjustment

Socialization and Desensitization, 6 weeks, 1 hour class per week; $ 150 per course, different locations in Surrey, pls email for more information

Confidence Building, ongoing drop in class : $20 per class or buy 5 classes for $100, Saturdays 9am, 1 hour learn how to desensitize your dog with help of the confidence courses, T-Touch, Body wraps and games, deepen the trust and relationship between you and your dog, for all dogs that are not reactive, but are fearful, anxious and insecure

Growl Class, 6 weeks, $180 Saturdays, (participants need to get assessed before attendance, depending on reactivity there will may be private lessons necessary beforehand)

Coming soon.......exercise classes with your dog.....pls. email for more information if you are interested    phone:604-868 5351